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Why Men Prefer Leather Shoes

by John Weston

Most men want to have quality leather shoes. The reason? Leather is one of the most comfortable and durable materials that a shoe can be made of. It doesn't matter whether you do labor work or a businessman. Standing all day in some quality leather boots or shoes isn't a problem. You can be assured that you won't have any discomfort or pain in your feet when wearing leather shoes. Time and time again, leather shoes have been tested and come out on top.

Fine quality men’s leather shoes are made from only the highest quality leather. Most leather shoes are made from cowhide but they can also come from other animals like ostrich or snake skin. These exotic skins are usually the highest quality you can find. The quality in leather shoes comes partly from the kind of animal it is made from. While cows are easy to harvest, an alligator is a different story. Expect shoes made from snake and alligator skin to be of much higher value.

Once you get that nice pair of leather shoes you've been wanting, you have to know how to take care of them. There's no point in paying for quality leather if you're aren't going to take the time to upkeep them. The good news is that it's not very hard and the benefits are seen immediately.

Cleaning and polishing your shoes is not only for cosmetic purposes but also helps to make them last longer. You must go beyond a simple polishing to make sure that your shoes last as long as possible.If you want to clean them yourself, here are some simple instructions to help you:

The first thing you want to do is take off all of the grime and accumulated dirt with a good leather cleaning solution. After cleaning, allow your shoes to dry for a bit before you begin to polish them. Proper application of a quality shoe polish can go a long way to moisturize, soften, and protect your leather shoes. To begin polishing, rub a little shoe polish onto your shoes and cover the entire shoe allowing the polish to sink into the leather before you begin to wipe it off. After buffing and polishing the shoes you will want to finish the process by applying waterproofing to keep your shoes protected from water and other elements that can harm you shoes. If you don't think you have the time to do this, you could simple drop them off at a local shoe repair shop and have a professional do it.

One thing to remember: You may want to wear those bad boys as soon as you buy them, but going through the cleaning process before wearing them for the first time will help immensely if you want them to last long.