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How To Find Proper Fitting Shoes When You Have Odd Sized Feet

by Jack Moe

For those of us with odd sized feet, finding shoes that fit comfortably has gotten a whole lot easier in recent years. Thanks to the internet, you can easily find a wide selection of shoes that are made specifically to fit your feet. Gone are the days of paying high prices for custom made shoes and complaining of sore feet at the end of your work day. The internet offers a plethora of online shoe stores that concentrate explicitly on odd sized shoes. With a few clicks of a button you can find, choose, and buy shoes made specifically for individuals with wide or narrow feet.  And don’t worry… shoe manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure their specialty shoes are both functional and stylish.

Millions of Americans are burdened with the problem of odd sized feet, and while the issue does not discriminate between the sexes, it is often easier for women to overcome, simply because of the large array of sandals and strapped shoes available in the women’s shoe market.

While men may not have as large a selection as women, there are nonetheless many online retailers that specialize in shoes for men with narrow or wide feet. Online shoppers can easily find dress shoes, casual shoes, as well as athletic footwear in wide or narrow fits. You will also be pleasantly surprised to find that the prices aren’t as high as you might think for such specialty items. You can find new and old style shoes at bargain prices.  If you have the time, you can shop around and compare prices to find the best deal out there.  A good thing to remember, though, is that because these products are considered “specialty” the inventory may be limited, and in some cases you may have to wait a small period of time for the shoe you want to come in stock. Always check to see if the shoes you are looking at are in stock. If they are, be sure to note how long it will take for them to be shipped to you.

One other thing to keep in mind, especially for women, is that different styles of shoes may fit differently. You might be a size 8 in tennis shoes or loafers, but an 8 1/2 in shoes with a high heel. Being aware of these inconsistencies before you buy online can save you the hassle of having to return shoes that don’t fit. If you do order the wrong size there is no need to fret; most retailers offer liberal return policies. Just be sure you don’t wear the shoes outside.

When shoes don’t fit correctly, not only do they not look good, they can be very uncomfortable.  Those of us with wide or narrow feet have undoubtedly owned several pairs of shoes that have either caused blisters or looked too big or too small.  Such pains can be easily avoided.  When it’s time to buy your next new pair of shoes you needn’t look any further than the internet. The online shoe retail community offers a convenient solution to finding stylish shoes to fit any sized foot.  Remember, finding the right shoe is healthy for you and your feet.